Course Overview

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  • Mobility

    You will receive specialized exercises from one of the top movement specialists in New England. These exercises you can't find on Youtube as they are specifically designed to maximize your ability as a youth hockey player. We will help you reduce your chances of injury and optimize your body so you can perform at your top levels.

  • Mental

    We will help you understand and develop your mental game. You wil learn how to build your confidence, prepare for games, become more resilient and beable to relax and calm your mind through visualization and mindfulness.

  • Nutrition

    Our nutritional partners are consultants to NASA and the Armed Forces. We discuss the importance of food and how it relates to your game. We educate you on the proper food choices to make and provide you with a nutritional calculator to help you determine your needs. Don't forget about your water and its importance as we cover that too.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Mobility Exercise Introduction and Exercises

    • Mobility Exercise Number 2

    • Mobility Introduction Number 2

    • Mobility Exercise Number 3

    • Mobility Exercise Number 4

    • Mobility Exercise Number 5

    • Mobility Exercise Number 6

  • 2

    Mental Skills Training

    • Mental Introduction for program

    • Being a Good teammate

    • Affirmations for a strong mind

    • Progressive Muscle Relaxation

    • Guided Relaxation

    • Visualization

    • Developing a confident mindset

    • MGM Method of preparation

    • Playing relaxed versus playing tense

    • How to stay focused

    • 5 Mental Hacks pro athletes use to improve performance

    • The importance of journaling and how to do it.

    • How to alleviate stress and act better in stressful situations

    • Player workbook

  • 3


    • Nutrition Introduction

    • Carbohydrates and their role in your nutrition

    • Protein and its function for an athlete

    • The role of Fat in your diet

    • Nutrition Calculator explanation

    • Nutrition Calculator

    • Sports Drinks- which ones are good and what they should contain

    • Post game snacks-what is best for recovery

    • Amino Acids and their role in your nutrition

    • A mindful look at what you are eating. Identifying the foods that work for you

    • The Vitamin alphabet A to almost Z and how it will effect your game.

    • The vitamin alphabet

    • The importance of water intake to help you prevent injury and raise level of performance



Rob Day

Rob is a former mechanical engineer. He has been a full-time hockey coach for 22 years. He has coached at every level in the NCAA. Men's D1, D2, D3, and Women's D1 and D3. He has also coached on teams that have won 7 National titles in Junior Hockey. Players he has coached in juniors and privately have gone on to win 4 Stanley Cups and 8 NCAA titles. He is also a certified mental performance coach and holds 3 nutrition certifications. His passion to help the next generation both on and off the field is what drives him. He is also the father of an NCAA athlete so he understands the demands put on the athletes of today and their families. The bar has been raised so high now for all athletes. He truly feels if you are not optimizing your game across all pillars you will not achieve your true potential.


  • How long do we get the course for?

    The course is a one-time purchase and you get it for life. We will come out with new material next year.

  • How long are the videos?

    The videos vary in length from 1.5 minutes to 8 minutes but most are 3-5 minutes in length.

  • What happens when I finish the course

    That will be a great milestone for you. You can always review the material and keep using it or move on to more advanced programs from us.

  • How often is content updated?

    This is our Foundations Course so this is our basic content. We update this each year as we repurpose our content from our subscription programs.